Ormond Beach Weather!

Choosing the right time to vacation in Ormond Beach can be difficult! If you're headed to Bike Week, then this isn't a concern for you. You already know when you're going!

Hopefully this page will give you the weather information you need to help you make your decision.

Unlike the rest of the USA, Florida is sub-tropical. That means that you can actually have nice beach days during the winter! Of course, you may not want to plan your vacation around this fact. Temperatures fluctuate wildly in the winter. Case-in-point: this week it's going to swing from highs in the mid 80's to lows in the low 30's. You just never know!?

Anytime from mid April on is fairly safe for warm temperatures. The summer is very hot, but you don't have to hit the beach in the middle of the day! The fall through mid October is usually safe for good beach temperatures. The winter is what gets a little fuzzy.

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Now remember that the chart below is a chart of "averages." That means it could be hotter or colder on any given day, so plan accordingly.

Any true vacation (time away from work and home responsibilities) is great, but you don't want to plan your trip around laying out on the beach, and then arrive during a week that has cold temperatures. Just be flexible and have fun!

Make sure you read my main OB page if you're planning on visiting the area (and check out the link to Tomoka State Park). There are plenty of great things to do in the area regardless of the weather!

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