All the Information You Need for the Ultimate Vacation on Florida Beaches

I'm a native of Florida and the incredible beaches are one of the main reason I've never moved out of state. Not being able to vacation on a beautiful semi-tropical beach would be unimaginable for me!

My wife recommended that I use my writing talents (limited as they may be) to share my lifetime of knowledge on the "Sunshine State." I can't say I've been to everywhere in my home state, but I can say that I've been to almost all of the best beaches in Florida!

The beaches that I recommend most are chronicled in the pages of this website. This information was gathered by years of "pain-staking" research done on location all around this wonderful state I live in. Please take and use this information gathered through all of my efforts endlessly trudging through incredible sand and water!

As you can see from this picture - I've been hitting the surf in Florida since I was very young!

Live your dreams! 
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It is possible to get buried in your research while checking out the sun and surf! This is my loving wife and daughter (plus "Blake," the Cabbage Patch doll) burying me in the sand!

Look on the left hand side of this page for a list of my favorites. As this site grows there will be more information on the best places to stay during your trip, things to do, etc.

Check back often to or simply subscribe to our blog (on the left hand side of the page). Whenever we add any new information to our website - you'll be the first to know!

Here's what you need to do with all the information you gather - go enjoy yourself!

Please feel free to use the comment section under each of the pages (besides this one). It's great to hear from fellow beach lovers! The more feedback I get - the better I can adjust the content that I add.

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