Florida Beach Lobster

by James Mikel

Guide Free Beach Lobster

Guide Free Beach Lobster

Paul, I love to write about my Florida experience, so here's another tip for your readers.

Panty Hose Beach Lobster

You will need:
a flashlight, some mullet from the local bait store, a lounge chair, a few yards of mono fishing line and some panty hose, preferrably not your wife's new ones. For about 10 years my wife complained that I used more panty hose than she did and here is why.

It is an easy and relaxing way to spend an evening at the beach, enjoy the great outdoors and catch some lobster without the cost of hiring a guide.

Between Key Largo and Big Pine Key there were quite a few power poles replaced in the last 15 years. Some of those ended up falling down the embankment where they were left half in and half out of the water. What to look for, water about 1 to 3 foot deep, a downed piling or construction rubble, close access to deep water and creviced hard coral along the waterline. This is a lobsters fav hideout. I used to snorkel around a lot of the Upper Keys for lobster as a kid.

Anyways, after dark cut one of the legs off your wife's panty hose and stick the mullet inside. FYI-Your wife will object if she is wearing them. Tie the opening closed with the mono, leaving about 10 feet attached so you can tie it off to the mangroves. Give the mullet a few quick whacks with whatever you have handy to break it up a bit and lie it next to the piling on the bottom. Everyone thinks because the water is only about 2 foot deep, no lobster are there but I have looked under these things and you wouldn't believe the size and numbers. Then it's just a waiting game. Pull out your lounge chair and enjoy the stars, calm warm breeze, put out a bait for whatever wonders by. We set up along the roadside in Key Largo as the roadside beach area is free or close to Channel Two.

After about an hour go check to see if anyone is home. The lobster legs get trapped in the panty hose and they do not care as they are very happy to have found such a great meal. Shine the lobster bait, if any decent one's are hanging on the bait, slowly lift it from the water and pull the lobster off. Make sure you leave the small one's attached as lobster are socialites and others will come. Besides, the shorts will be realeased at the end of the evening unscathed. A tip, we have lost many a panty hose and lobster to eels, rays, small sharks and tarpon so make sure you pull the bait up slowly from the bottom. On one trip the bait was pulled under the piling and what we found was a legal size grouper munching our lobster. We quickly pulled up the panty hose and replaced it with a hooked bait, but the grouper wasn't interested in that, who would.


Personal Note: Since Your Grandparents lived in Homestead surely you know of Monkey Jungle. Interested in a story about it? I was banned and am the only person to have been, my high school year book picture hung in the window for about 10 years. Fred, the meniacle monkey is my arch nemesis.

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