Cocoa Beach Florida!

Cocoa Beach Florida (CBF) is the closest beach to Orlando, and has turned out to be quite the cruise destination as well! I grew up in Orlando, and the quickest beach to get to was CBF. It has grown up since the days when I was a kid. There are now lots of great hotels, restaurants, charter boats, cruise ships, fishing pier, Ron John's Surf Shop, a pier and some of the best surfing in Florida.

On December 31, 2010 Patti and I decided to abandon everyone else and head to CBF!

Here we are out for Chinese food on New Years Eve in CBF last year! We had a great meal at Yen-Yen's. It's New York style Chinese food - everything's not battered and deep fried. Their prawns are incredible!

        Warning! Do not go the the webpage without first hiding your purse or wallet! You will not be able to stop yourself once you're on their website!!!

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        Of course, we are partial to CBF - it's where we fell in love in 1983! Wow, that was long time ago...


Cocoa Beach has tons of beach access, and is a great place for families (all the older teens and young adults hang out near the pier). Here's some pictures of a trip I took with my kids a few years back:


Sand- castle time! Look at those waves!

Great day at CBF! Just look at that sky!

Sand- castles are hard work!

Break time!









Of course, Port Canaveral is also part of CBF! And, that's where 4 different cruise lines have ships (Carnival, Norwegian, Disney and Royal Caribbean). With Orlando being so close, it's a match made in heaven - theme parks and cruises!

Here's Some pictures I took recently. Royal Caribbean's ship was out to sea:

Carnival Cruise Lines
Disney Cruise Lines
Nor- wegian Cruise Lines









There is also the "worlds largest surf shop" -

Ron John's!









And, Kennedy Space Center is only 15 minutes away!

Just follow the signs

It's where you can fall for an astro- naut!









CBF is about an hour east of Orlando. It's popularity sky rocketed with tourists when Disney decided to add a cruise ship to Port Canaveral (on the north side of Cocoa Beach). Disney offers package deals - stay at the parks and then head out on a cruise - sounds great!

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There is charter fishing at the port and a jetty to fish off of as well. CBF has miles of great beaches, and as mentioned earlier - plenty of hotels, restaurants, shops, easy beach access and even putt-putt!

We recently made a nice little discovery!

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